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Fans And Accessories
  RBS Electronics is the sole Stocking UK distributor for COMMONWEALTH Ind. Corp
AC Fans Supply
• Fans - FP108 Series of AC and DC Axial & Crossflow Fans, IP55 rated, Ball and Sleeve Bearing Fans.

• CIC Series of DC Blowers.

• FP108 Series of AC: 80x80x25.4mm to 254 dia x 89mm Dual Voltage & 24, 48,100, 110 & 380vac are available for most sizes.

• A third wire signal for Alarm or Speed Sensor is also available.

DC Fans Supply
• FP108 Series of DC: 25x25x6mm to 172x150x51mm, 5vdc, 12vdc, 24vdc, 48vdc are available.

• CIC Series of DC Blowers, 50x50x15mm, 76x76x30mm, 97x94x33mm, 120x120x31mm, 120x120x32mm.

• Daisy Chains - 1 Way, 2 Way, 3 Way, 4 Way, 6 Way, 7 Way, 8 Way, also specially designed to suit your needs.

Finger Guard Supply
• Finger Guards, Metal and plastic - all sizes ) + (plastic also available in push fit style for 80 and 120 mm fans).

• Filters Kits: Both Mesh and RFI types for most sizes of fans.

486 Heatsinks and Fans
Heatsink Products.

CPU Coolers – Static or fan-assisted (we still carry fan-assisted coolers for 486 Processors along with the older Intel© P75 and P90 processors)

Unimax Safety Switches Supply
Unimax Safety Switches.

RBS Electronics is the leading UK distributor for the complete range Unimax Safety Switches.

We can supply all of the SAF, GW, Remote Delay range also all Repair Kits, spare parts + SS & GWO Switch Blocks.

Switch Blocks Available:

SS/11, SS/21, SS/22, SS/31, SS/32, SS/33, GWO/11, GWO/21, GWO/22, GWO/31, GWO/32, GWO/33

Unimax Switches Supply
Unimax Switches.

RBS Electronics is the sole UK distributor for Unimax Switches.

Unimax Switch Products:

Alternate Action, Door Interlock, General Purpose, Illuminated, Metal-Cased, Micro, Military, Miniature, Miniature Subminiature, Precision, Pushbutton, Roller, Safety, Sealed, Snap-Action, Subminiature, Toggle and Reset Switches.

A & D Series, FL & TL Series, 2HB, HB, HL & HR Series, KS & KL Series, LA, LB, LJ & LR Series, LC Series, MM Series, TM & TF Series, LPB 9, 4 Lamp Illuminated Push Button Series. New 30.1 amp "A" series Switch now available!

  For a complete list of C&K Components supplied by RBS Electronics please visit C&K Components Website

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RBS Electronics Ltd is a multi-facited supplier of electronic components to trade and consumers alike. We have the flexibility and supplier partners to source all your requirements, ranging from CPU coolers to micro switches. We are the leading UK supplier of multi functional Butler Call Systems.

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We have built our reputation on delivering high quality electronics, working in partnership with a variety of major suppliers. We are focused on supplying a range of top quality electronics at an affordable price.



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